Hey there, I’m DJ Chung, welcome!

I’ve been helping my friends get jobs in tech since I made my own transition in 2013.

Over many cups of coffee, phone calls, and emails, I’ve helped my friends prepare for interviews, research companies, and fine tune their resume to help them land the tech jobs they want.

It’s about focusing on the right things

There’s an endless amount of information out there about how to get a job in tech, but how do you know what’s effective and will actually lead to a job?

After having gone through my own tech job search as well as seeing how tech recruiting is done from the inside, I know the ins and outs,  what’s important and what’s not. There’s only so much time you have and trying to follow every piece of advice will only leave you frazzled, anxious, and overwhelmed with your job search.

Let’s take it step by step

I’ll show you the right things to focus on with step by step strategies to help you find and get the tech job you want. Take your first step with me on your journey.

A little bit more about me

I grew up in Missouri, a long ways away from where I currently live and work, San Francisco. I got my first glimpse of the tech industry in college when I interned at a finance firm in Palo Alto, CA. At that time, the Facebook office was a block away from my office. It blew my mind that a product I used every day, multiple times a day, was being built a few hundred feet from where I was sitting. I wanted to be a part of something like that.

After graduating with an Economics degree, I bounced around doing random things. My journey including selling online ordering restaurant software door to door, trying to sell pants online with a friend, and learning how to make simple iPhone apps. After four years of this, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere and I needed a change. That’s when I set out to break into the tech industry.

I had no idea what I was doing, but after trial and error, many ups and downs during the process, I landed a job at my dream company, Dropbox.

Since then, I’ve learned how important it is to find a job and a company that is the right fit. It makes such a difference. Everyday, you’re learning, being stretched and see the growth opportunities ahead. Most importantly, you’re working with people who value you and are invested in you. This is what I’ve found. This is what I want for you.

A few random things

I wrote a book about my mom and it hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle store.

Screenshot of my book hitting #1

I wrote, Build like an ant: How my mom helped be become valedictorian [link]. It’s a book of life lessons from my mom and how I applied them to become valedictorian of my high school.

One of the coolest things and most fulling things has been when my book was used in a Study Skills class at a middle school in San Francisco. I actually went and spoke to the students, it was such a great experience.

Honored to talk to students who are using my book in the classroom

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Much like this experience, I get the same fulfilling feeling when I help my friends land the tech job that’s right for them. Your job affects almost every part of your life, let’s make sure you’re on your way to where you want to be.

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